What we offer our students

Inaura School offers individual students an experience that is tailored to them, based on the National Curriculum. Students can student the same subjects as those you would find in other schools, and at Keystage 4 (15/16 years), students can take GCSEs if they feel they are ready for them and wish to do so. 

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All our students take part in PE, sport and high energy activities, and we also offer Youth Challenge Awards, Literacy and Numeracy Certificates and Skills for Life Certificates, as well as work-related and work-based learning programmes. When students leave Inaura School, we support them in moving on to further education, or help with finding employment or training. Many of our students have statements of special educational needs. We offer them extra help and support as required. 

Alongside our learning programme, we provide exceptional pastoral support. Many of our students are dealing with external pressures and problems that prevent them from learning. We help students to learn about their emotions and how to deal with them, what being a teenager means, as well as how to talk about their problems and be happy at home and at school. We always take time to talk to students about what they hope to achieve and any difficulties they are having that might be preventing them from engaging with learning. If we can, we remove these barriers or help the students to find a way to work around them.

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In general, we find that students gradually increase their attendance, engage more, and do more work as we help them be ready for learning.