What we believe

Inaura School is not like other schools. We have a very different approach and way of working with the students who come to our school. The combined experience, understanding and knowledge of our Trustees, our Senior Leadership Team and all our staff, has been developed, refined and tested and we're confident that whilst every student who joins us has a different set of needs, that our understanding of what works will enable us to make a difference to that child's future. The vast majority of our students leave Inaura school with a bright future ahead of them. 

Our approach is what makes us unique amongst other schools. Our success proves it works and we're very proud of that. 

At Inaura School, we believe that all young people are able, and genuinely want, to learn if we remove the barriers that are holding them back from engaging with school, and helping to sort out any problems they might have. We do this by:

  • Building good relationships with the young person and their families or carers.
  • Treating everyone equally; we believe in being open, fair and honest.
  • Trying to solve problems simply and quickly.
  • Never forcing children to do things they do not want to do.
  • Giving our students the right work for them.
  • Giving them hope and showing them that there is a place for them in society.
  • Getting them ready to move on to school, college, work or training.
  • Supporting them every step of the way in whatever way they need it.
  • Teaching them how to make good relationships with friends at home and in school.

When we offer our students the opportunity to join the Inaura programme we make a real commitment to them. We ask them to make a commitment to us too. This includes:

  • Being polite and tolerant to other pupils
  • Respecting other people's property
  • Respecting school property
  • Attending regularly and being on time
  • Not bringing things to school which might be dangerous.
  • Handing in their mobile phones at school

The school does have the right to permanently exclude students. However we would always seek to work with parents and carers to arrange a managed move before this became necessary. We have never had to permanently exclude a student.