Inaura School Policies

Inaura School has rigorous policies in place to ensure the safety, well-being and security of all our staff, students, parents and visitors. We have provided many of our policies below as downloadable PDFs (they will open in a new window).

We have also provided a complete list of all our policies. If you require copies of any of our policies that are not already shown below, please email the Inaura school office to request these. 

  1. Accessibility Plan
  2. Admissions policy
  3. Anti-Bullying Policy
  4. Assessment policy
  5. Asthma policy
  6. Attendance policy
  7. Child Protection Policy (Safeguarding)
  8. Complaints Procedure Policy
  9. Data Protection Policy
  10. Disability policy
  11. Drugs education policy
  12. Electronic Media Policy
  13. Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy
  14. Fire safety policy
  15. Good relationships and behaviour policy
  16. Health and safety policy
  17. Incentives and emergency financial purchases policy
  18. Managing Allegations Policy
  19. Marking and Feedback Policy
  20. Medical Needs
  21. Risk Assessment Policy
  22. Special Educational Needs policy
  23. Safer Recruitment Policy
  24. Structured Conversations Policy
  25. Whistle Blowing Policy