Joining Inaura School

Students are admitted to Inaura School who have:

  • not found success in other schools
  • need something special to enable them to learn
  • want to have a completely new start and a chance to succeed in going on to mainstream school, further education, employment or training when they leave us.

Pupils are admitted to school when all relevant documentation has been obtained, particularly the risk assessments. Pupils will have had difficulties in working in a mainstream school and frequently find themselves unable to relate effectively with their peers. They all exhibit challenging behaviours as a result of previous trauma in their lives and may or may not have a statement of Special Educational need.


We accept referrals from home addresses within 45 minutes drive of the school.

Parents: We do not accept parental referrals. Please see referral process information.

Schools:  Schools can refer students directly to us.

Local authorities: We are pre-approved providers for the South West and local regions.