Inaura Forest School

The Inaura Forest School is adapted from the Scandinavian model which began more than fifty years ago! It encourages and inspires children and young people to develop useful skills in an emotionally nurturing setting through having positive outdoor experiences.

Group and individual activities enable students to learn practical outdoor life skills, self-reliance and and develop increased motivation and an understanding of team working. 


The Inaura Forest School is for groups for children aged 10-12, 12-14, and 14-16. The  12-14 year olds sometimes join the younger or older group depending on the group size and individual's maturity and need. All our courses are differentiated to suit age appropriate needs. Forest School is a great way to help children who have struggled or lack social skills and confidence enjoy peer and adult relationships and have a good time whilst they learn. We aim for an approach that always allows for achievement.

Forest School mostly happens outside and can often involve manual physical activities, so we alsways make sure the children are warm, fed, watered and safe – physically and emotionally, and we use a non-coercive approach based on co-operation and trusting relationships which we call ‘People and Life Skills’.

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Our forest school leaders

Mandy Vearncombe is a trained and qualified Forest School Instructor who has been with Inaura for six years. She is now our lead support worker. Mandy has 15 years of experience working with children in care settings.




Shape of a Forest School Day

  • Check-in briefing and camp-fire
  • Woodcraft and survival skills and projects
  • Lunch and playtime
  • PAL skills activities and games
  • Campfire check-out

The programme includes opportunities for outdoor learning, and games and activities in the afternoon designed to improve social skills and young people’s understanding of how to build positive relationships and make positive choices. 

Times, days and transport

Forest School runs on Tuesdays & Fridays throughout the school year from 10.00am until 2.30pm. Transport to & from the school gate is included (if required)

Programmes and projects

  • We offer Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced half-term programmes for each age group

  • For children attending us long-term we provide a ‘student leader continuing programme’ leading to external certification

  • Each group decides on a different half-term project, such as building a pit oven, building a bronze-age hut, and willow-hedging

  • ASDAN Bronze certificates are available through project work and, where appropriate, AQA Unit Awards are available for each half-term session