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The school office is open from Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00pm.

Telephone: 01823 690 211 

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School address:

Moorview House
Somerset TA7 0RB


Unlike other school,s which are usually based at only one site, Inaura School has ten different sites where our students based.  These range from 'The Hide' - the site of our Forest School which is definitely not a traditional classroom (!), to Samways House which provides a more traditional 'classroom' style set up and a range of different types of places in between these two. 

Running the school across multiple sites allows us to ensure that each student is able to learn in the environment they feel most at home and comfortable and gives us more options to adapt the environment to suit the lesson, rather than expecting the lesson to be adapted to fit in with a 'normal' classroom setting. Usually only a few students would attend at each site, as in some cases it is important for them to work in a quiet, individual space without the distraction of other students in their immediate vicinity. 

All our sites have been thoroughly and carefully risk assessed and we have robust policies in place to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors at all times. 

Inaura School sites

Godney Locations


  • Baybrook Farm, Lower Godney
  • Fir Tree Barns, Lower Godney
  • The Hide, Tall Tree Lakes. Lewis Drove, Lower Godney (View in Google maps)
  • Hawthorns Cottage, Lower Godney


Burrowbridge Locations


  • Samways House, Burrowbridge, Bridgwater (View in Google Maps)
  • Moorview House, Burrowbridge, Bridgwater


East Huntspill Location

  • East Huntspill
  • East Huntspill Bungalow


Please contact us for full addresses and directions if you are visiting the school.