Words from others

From the grandmother of one of our students

"When I think of Inaura now, I immediately think of three words: kindness, care and comfort. Kindness because that's what you possess in abundance; care because that's what you take, all the time; and comfort for child and parent because at last they have found a group of people who not only care and don't judge, but whose professional knowledge and expertise, based on solid research, can really make a difference. Best of all your child is treated as someone with a real contribution to make instead of being seen as a nuisance and an insoluble problem. Perhaps for the very first time he or she has the space and encouragement to recover some self-esteem and begin to fulfil potential."

From Mark Stockdale (DCSF) in 2009

"I found my visit really useful and interesting and quite different from other visits I've made.  What impressed me was Inaura's unique blend of personalisation and accountability for outcomes.  So many providers are either very good at accommodating individuals' needs or at working towards accredited outcomes, but rarely both together.  A really good working example of every child matters in practice."


One of our students, Rhys, talked to us about the changes he went through during his two years at Inaura School. Hear his story