What is a managed move?

Whether it's a permanent exclusion or a managed move, what does ‘moving a pupil’ really mean, on the ground?

It’s a three stage process...

showing three stges of student transition between schools

--> Read our 2007 Research Report on Managed Moves as an aternative to permanent exclusion

Permanent exclusion can only ever accomplish stage 1, and so can never deliver this.  There is a management discontinuity between stage 1 and stage 3.  Stage 1 is accomplished by the school whereas the LA must both find a place for the pupil and fund it. It is therefore of very limited use strategically whilst doing harm socially. A permanent exclusion without arrangements in place for stages 2 and 3 really amounts to an UN-managed move!

Imagine if you asked a delivery firm to transport a parcel. How thrilled would you be if you were told that the parcel would be brought half way by one van and then left by the side of the road for another van to collect? However many reassurances the company gave you that the arrangements were watertight it's obvious parcels are going to go astray, especially if the delivery company is under pressure.  Clearly, this is not a perfect analogy. 

However, the same kinds of risks arise when a school permanently excludes a student and the local authority is not in a position to pick up the pieces.  The sixth day of exclusion passes, the hard-pressed case officer just cannot get to the new file, and the young person starts to drift away ... Well, we rejected them so why should they care about what we think they should do?

Where a school has worked with the local authority to make transition and integration arrangements that are secure, this is essentially no different from a managed move albeit a sort of mandatory managed move instead of a voluntary one. In which case, the question arises - was the permanent exclusion really necessary? It would have been far better to obtain the voluntary agreement of parents/ carers and achieve the move with a tenth of the paperwork, less chance of later challenges or claims, and avoding the need to reject the student and the child.  

There are so many reasons why exclusion doesn't work, and adopting a managed moves approach achieves far better outcomes for all concerned. Inaura's experience in adoption of the managed moved process gives us  the knowledge to work with schools, the local authority and other specialist and alternative providers to ensure that there is a place for every child.