About Inaura

 Inaura school is an independent special school in Somerset. Most of the children attending the school have statements of special educational needs often accompanied by significant learning difficulties and attachment problems.  The school’s well-articulated non-coercive relational approach enables it to avoid the difficulties which schools providing more coercive behavioural approaches encounter with children with reactive attachment disorders.

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Inaura was registered as a charity in 2002 and the Inaura school was estabished in 2007. Inaura school currently has approximately 30 students on roll, with a large team and teaching and support staff. 

About the origin of our logo and name

In+aura - our name means 'radiance piercing the darkness within' (a metaphor for learning).

Birds cannot fly yoked together - the geese in our logo are a sign of our commitment to an ethic of voluntary co-operation.